Ski-Boot Fitting


I discovered my passion for skiing in my youth in Saalbach, Austria. In 2013 I graduated with the highest Skiinstructor Level Qualification (Staatlicher Skiinstructor) in Austria’s world renowned Ski Academy. I have been fitting boots for many years in my hometown, Saalbach. I have also fitted skiboots in other parts of the world. The skiboot is the most important part of essential equipment to any skier.

Marcel Hagleitner

The steps to your perfect fitting Ski Boot

Our experienced team uses modern computer technology that scans the foot (footscan), so we understand the exact shape of your feet. This process will ensure we find the best fitting boot for your feet.

Custom Footbed
Footbeds are the most important component of ski boots. Their role is to promote better circulation in your feet, support your feet in the boot so you ski better and improve the alignment of your feet, ankles, knees and hips.

Custom Liners / Inner boot
A custom ski boot liner is the best connection between foot and shell. There are different ways tho get the best fit. Either direct foam injected boot liners, or thermo liners, ensure perfect comfort and performance for all levels of skiers.

Custom Shell
The technology in boots now allows us to heat the shell and/or the liner resulting in a precise boot fit for our customers. We regularly deal with problems such as big ankles, bunions or a wide forefoot and have techniques and tools to adjust the boots to accommodate these issues

Fischer Vacuum
The technology which makes it possible for the first time to adapt the shell of the ski boot completely to the anatomy of any foot. VACU-PLAST material and a special process achieve a fit which is also used successfully by top athletes in the Alpine Ski World Cup. It was developed exclusively for the ski boot sector and stands out through superior material properties: thermoformable at 80°C, high temperature stability, lower weight and better vibration dampening.


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