General terms and conditions

General Terms & Conditions


The renter must identify himself by presenting a valid I.D. to the rental business. A blank, unprocessed credit-card receipt will serve as the security deposit. By signing the address form, the renter confirms the accuracy of his personal data, which will be used for professional adjustment of bindings. The renter may not adjust the binding settings made by the rental business without authorization.


The rental business hands the rental items over to the renter in flawless technical condition. The renter must inspect the items and inform the rental business if any potential shortcomings are noted. The rental items (skis, boots or poles) must be returned in a clean condition, also free of any glue or stickers of any kind. If this is not the case, the rental business reserves the right to charge a fee in the amount of € 10.00.


In the event of theft, the renter is personally required to immediately submit a report of the theft to the local police and subsequently present a copy of the police documents to the rental business.


The rented sporting equipment is insured against breakage. In the event of theft or damage due to improper use, the renter is liable for the fair value or the repair costs. The renter is liable to the rental business for all damages caused during the period of the rental agreement for the rental item in question which are not due to usual wear and tear. Necessary repairs will be conducted exclusively by the rental business or by persons contracted to do so on the business’ behalf. In the event of loss of the rental item, the renter will be billed the replacement cost. Insofar as this is no longer possible, the rental business has the right to procure a replacement item of equivalent quality and condition. If, upon return of the rental item, the rental business notes shortcomings, the business does have the right to redress these at the expense of the renter. Transfer of the sporting equipment to third-parties is not permitted.


All rental items are insured against breakage and usual damage. In the event of theft, the renter must pay a deductible as follows: First Class € 650.00, VIP Class € 500.00, TOP Class € 250.00. Upon request, the renter may take out supplemental insurance for skis/boards at a flat rate of € 15, in which case the deductible does not apply, insofar as a report was made to the police and a copy of the police report has been presented. Supplemental insurance only applies to skis and snowboards, and must be taken out and paid for in advance. Ski poles are included in all categories. If the original Sport Hagleitner carbon poles are missing or are not returned, the renter must pay an amount of € 25.00. This amount is not covered by the supplemental insurance.


Use of the rental item is exclusively at the renter’s own risk. The rental business accepts no liability whatsoever for personal injury, bad weather conditions (i.e. lack of snow), property damage or financial loss as may affect the renter through use of the rental items.


The rental price must be paid by the renter at the start of the rental period. The amount of the rental price to be paid is based on the current price list which may be consulted as posted. If the rental item is returned later than stipulated in the rental agreement, the rental business does have the right to demand an appropriate late-payment charge. Exchange of the rented sporting equipment is possible at any time. If the renter takes equipment of a higher category, the price differential will be paid according to the price list. If the sporting equipment cannot be used due to unfavorable weather conditions or other impediments, the remitted rental price will not be reimbursed. Arrangements other than stipulated above are only valid by prior agreement with the rental business.


In the event of injury or illness, the sporting equipment must be returned immediately and a physician’s attestation presented. In such an instance, the renter will be reimbursed the unused portion of the rental price dated from when the equipment was actually returned.


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